Fred and Miriam LeGrand

Looking back over the years of ministry with The Howell Family, I must say that some of my fondest memories are traveling with the family, singing and playing gospel music.  The dedication that Fred and Miriam had to our group was one that spanned for more than 30 years.  Their commitment to our family was unwavering, and our loss is almost unbearable.  We know that she has a place in that beautiful choir now, or possibly even playing piano.  I believe we will see her soon!  Until then, thank you Miriam and Fred for giving of your lives to the Lord.

A Beautiful Life

Alistair Begg once said, “Death for the Christian is to fall asleep in the arms of Jesus and waking up and finding out that you’re home.”  There is nothing more that can be said about our precious sister, Miriam, who lived her life in service to our Savior.  Miriam and Fred served our Lord for 30 plus years traveling and singing with the family, and now she has gone on to receive her rewards.  Our family will never again be the same until we once again join in that Heavenly reunion!  My, what a day that will be!  I am reminded, however,  that goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I miss you, until we meet again…  Until then, our dear Sister, enjoy the beauties of Heaven!