Our Church Home…

I took a walk down memory lane today and visited my childhood church home.  As I stood there looking at how time has taken its toll on the building, I was reminded, however, that the prayers and worship that took place in that precious little one room will forever be settled in Heaven.  I remember the saints of God singing, shouting and praising God, and that very altar is where I gave my heart and soul to Him!  Our precious Mother stood behind that sacred pulpit and preached for years, and Daddy prayed at the end of that altar.  As I knelt today at that altar covered with dust, tears came as I thanked my Savior for saving my soul, and even though that was 37 years ago, it all seemed so real today!  Dear friend, do you remember the place where you surrendered to Christ?  I urge you to take a moment today and thank Him for saving you and calling you to be one of His own.

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